"Excellent film! Searching For Nepal is happy and sad, uplifting and inspiring all at once...

  This is probably what makes this film so damn good. I expect to see Searching For Nepal

  become a hit.  There's an indescribable beauty in this film that goes far beyond what any

  photo or video could ever show...  I got swept up in Phil's journey, history and the village

 of Aiselukharka itself... The end result is nothing less than stellar. This is a story told the

     right way. Everything flows perfectly and nothing seems out of place. In regards to editing

for an emotional impact, one word--perfect."                                                                          

                                                                         --B. Conrad

                                                                   Editor, Indyred



                                                                   "A striking film that transcends cultural borders because it conveys such a

                                                    powerful message through its imagery."   

                                                                                                               --Prof. Garry Leonard

                                                                        Univerity of Toronto




                                                                   "An emotion-charged, feature-length documentary... 

                                                    blends breathtaking photography of an exotic developing nation

                                                    with a dramatic and compelling story."   

                                                                                                                   Monterey Herald

                                                                               Front page, lead story









Mountain Film Festival Awards  





Monterey Herald 






 Cedar Street Times





“A wonderful film.  Very moving.”                                     

                        --Wendy Eidson, Director SLOIFF


"Beautiful.  Visually captivating.  The theater sold out.   

         People came asking if it was going to be shown again."      

                                                                --Rebecca Norman, SLO International Film Festival, Staff


                         "A fascinating film that gives a great insight into Nepal and life there."

                                                                --Debra Hernandez, SLO International Film Festival, Staff


                                        "It touched the heart.  It touched the soul.  It touched the intellect.   Beautiful."

                                         --Barbara Scott, SLOIFF Audience Member


    "Searching For Nepal was wonderful.  Very memorable."

                                                --Debra Lee Cohen, SLOIFF Audience Member


    "As a post-production house we get to know a lot of films very intimately--the good, the bad

   and the ugly! But Searching For Nepalby Phil Deutschle and Robyn Hutman, is one of the

      few documentaries we have worked on that really does transport you to another world in an

        extraordinary way. In part it is the richness of the images and the delicacy of the sounds that

       they have captured that define the true Nepal, the simplicity of life in the country mixed with

    the brashness of the city, but more than all of that it is the story that Phil weaves in such a

            loving way and the magical intimacy of so many of the scenes that lure you into accompanying

   him on his journey.  To my mind, that is the definition of what a documentary of this genre

should achieve."                                                                                                                          

                                          --Chris Layhe, CLAi and Colorist/Sound Sweetening on Searching For Nepal